Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lino Work

I had a parcel filled with lots of yummy collage treats from an artist in Brisbane. This is way better than Christmas.

Thanks Monika!!

Thursday night:
I took a few prints from the key whilst waiting for the oils to dry on the other prints.

Thursday Afternoon:
I put layer two on, but I am not concentrating well enough and lost quite a few. I am still going to put the key on though.

Thursday Morning
I printed up some red backgrounds with the dancer on them yesterday. Today I am doing my best to register a second layer onto them.

I am also carving out a key to over print on this image.

It would be nice to get an edition of 10 from this that I could use for the Green Door International Print exchange. I may loose too many in getting registration right to get 10, but I will be interested to see how well I can register on such a small scale.

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