Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thanks To My Blog Visitors

I find it staggering and inspiring that people from all over the world are dropping by to see my blog. I love to see where my page hits are coming from. I would not wish to invade privacy by knowing exactly who and where, but just being shown a city and the flag of the country makes it so exciting for me and pushes me to write another entry. I am completely new to blogging, anyone visiting my blog is doing me a great honour.

It takes me back to when I was a child of about 7 and played with a monopoly boat game piece on a map of the world. I used to dream of sailing or flying to the places that I struggled to spell out. I guess I have not changed so much.

When I see someone has visited from someplace I have a connection with, it brings back memories or faces of people I once knew. Today I saw a hit from Paris where I spent my 21st birthday, Sri Lanka, where I got married and Rochdale where my first child was born. To see these hits makes me think of the places where I would like Lady Penelope to visit, and therefore helps me take my art to a different level.

Thank you Britney, Candace, Debra and Mary for following my blog, it makes it worth while knowing someone out there might actually read what I am doing!

And a special thank you to the little flashing dot on my map, right at this moment while I type, from Thessoloniki, Greece. I can't help but wonder if we passed each other on the street once when I visited.

So if you happen upon this blog...
Pat yourself on the back for encouraging this artist and remember that just by your visit, you may have helped create a piece of art.

Thank You

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