Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sierra Nevada Camping

We have somehow fallen into a tradition of camping for Mother's Day Weekend. Far be it from me to shake a tradition (although a weekend spa retreat would also be a good tradition for Mother's Day), we headed into the Sierra Nevada mountains not far from Truckee, for a chilly, but beautiful trip.

Although it was cold at night, we did not face Donner Party conditions. In fact we had the comforts of heating, a microwave and flat screen TV, so the conditions were very different from Donner Party. We did party for Mother's Day, but no chargrilled camp members were eaten at our party. All in all, I guess the cold and stiff aching bones in the morning was not as bad a deal as I first thought.

 My awesome girls.
I took lots of photos, not exactly Ansel Adams quality, but I want to share a couple of them anyway.
Mornings are rough!


  1. I just don't know what I'd do if the family suggesting camping for Mother's Day! They know that my first thoughts about camping are that it comes with dirt and bugs. Your photos show a side of camping that I would had not considered (including and the fact that you could bring along a microwave. Good move!) Very nice.

  2. I have to admit Linda, that I had a shudder thinking about the cold, but hey, the scenery was fantastic!