Monday, June 21, 2010

Nada Dada

Last week I raced to finish the snail painting in time for Nada Dada's Naughty Show. I finished it just in time and we hung it in the back studios of Oxbow Press. The front gallery had the "Naughty, Taboo and Just Plain Wrong" print exchange displayed. The weekend saw a large number of visitors to the show and I enjoyed seeing the reaction to my painting. I am still debating whether or not to add the photo of my final picture to this blog as it is VERY naughty!

I wanted to make a painting that was completely unexpected from people that don't know me and judge me by my outward appearance. Most people I imagine, see me as a housewife and mother over an artist. I wanted to make something that would fit both the critera of the show and to induce a reaction from the viewer. I would like to think that I covered both of these and I had a great deal of fun observing the reactions of those that came by the show this weekend. There were those that were initially shocked, then amused by the painting, others burst out laughing and my favourite; the ones that could not bear to look and siddled by either offended or just plain uncomfortable. It is nice to know that I can still make a controversial art piece!

I was unexpectedly interviewed during the show, by someone documenting Nada Dada 2010. True to form, I was lost for words and stage struck. I still can't remember what garbage poured out my mouth, but hopefully I can come back after this. Just goes to show that no matter how "in your face" my work can be, I am still an introvert when faced with an audience.

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