Friday, July 23, 2010


I still have not added to my print layers on the peacock relief print. I have been getting so frustrated about the lack of time for creating. I am probably going to miss the deadline for this exchange and show. I had hoped to be part of the Midtown Artwalk at the end of this month too.

However, I am going to change my outlook. Instead of thinking that my studio time is being used up on unexpected kids/domestic crises, that leave me fed up and frustrated, I am reminding myself that this is the Summer! I am going to quit getting miserable because "my" time is being pushed aside and embrace the fact I am lucky enough to have my kids home for the fun part of the year. Time with the kids is still "my" time, just a different angle of it. I am going to think of my studio rent as a retainer so that I no longer feel I am not getting anything for my rent.

If I happen to get time to make something (other than crafts with the kids!), I will feel blessed.

I love my kids and time with them is fun. I was losing my perspective somewhat and snapping at them because I was dealing with their "accidents" on my art time. That was totally unfair. Childhood days go by too fast, I need to enjoy every moment of them.

With this in mind, I intend to enjoy the last month of the school vacation, and know that I will have plenty of time to create art when they are back in school. I can't express how enlightened I felt by changing my way of thinking about this. The pressure dropped and I feel happy each morning to plan adventures with my children!

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