Thursday, September 15, 2011

hmmm... so is it time to start a new project?

I guess I am pretty useless at keeping up a blog, about the same as I ever was with a diary. Ah well, I am who I am.

Last Winter I taught an introduction class to printmaking. It was fun and I made some good friends along the way. My biggest news was to move out of the community art studio and moved into my OWN studio! I am still not organized in there yet, mostly because I moved in and through myself into making a large body of work for an exhibition at NadaDada, Reno. I ended up living in my studio for nearly 3 months painting day and night. Great for the work production, lousy for family relations.

NadaDada 2011 was held in June and my venue was in Wildflower Art Village, Reno. Maybe I will write about it sometime and post up a few photos. The project was based upon the disaster in Fukushima, Japan. Straight after I flew out to England where I spent the Summer with my family and saw as much as I could of my old homeland.

On my return, I was finishing up my painting project for Burning Man 2011. Once again, day and night painting until the work was completed. My painting was part of a huge clock devised and organized by Colfax artist; Jim Bowers. The clock was a big success and smashed the Guiness World record for the biggest working clock. Maybe I will write about that too!

Now I have both of these big items out of the way and the kids are back in school. I am wondering what direction to go in. Maybe I will set up a new project or just make some stress-free images. The holidays are just around the corner, so maybe I will kick back and make something simple like cards.

Funny how I am posting when I have no work going on and I posted nothing at all about the busiest art time I have had since leaving art school. It is nice to have this little break, going to Burning Man, seeing my art on the Playa (and partying my face off), gave me a feeling of an end of year celebration. I know I want to participate in Burning Man next year, so now is a good time to make my plans for the next 12 months and work out the direction I intend to go.

I have left out the emotional strain the last year had on me. When I make my tentative plans, I will be looking to try and make art that will not be so emotionally draining, nor will I paint day and night for 2 months straight again if I can help it. Is that that possible? Yes, but will the art be as good? I don't know. I just don't want to go on that rollercoaster this year, a nicely planned, evenly paced sort of year will suit me just fine :)