Saturday, April 14, 2012

Another minature clock print

I am beginning to wonder why I am making such small little prints. The time and labor that goes into them hardly seems worth it when hardly anyone realizes. I look at it today and think, hmmm, I could have painted that in an hour and made it more detailed. I guess I am just feeling grumpy today.

I printed and carved a little clock print this week and last. I hope to add more layers today. Here is the progress so far:

This is the 4th layer being added (which also means week 4 in drying terms- yes I am grumpy).

Here they are drying with another miniature I am working on in parallel.

Here is layer 5. I rolled the ink onto plate in white, then wiped off where did not want white to show. I am wiping off with my finger and a cloth, so each will be slightly different.

Layer 6 will be printed with the same roll and wipe technique but in grey today.

Looking outside things are starting to green up, despite the sleet we had yesterday.

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