Friday, June 1, 2012

Moth painting part 1

The last 3 weeks (gosh, am I that slow?!) I have been working on a Nada Dada Moth. I have been cogitating over what I believe Nadist Art is over the last few months. I feel I hit my personal Nada style with the tradigital paintings I made last month, so I started work on making a canvas in this style incorporating a moth and other imagery that I feel are tied to this style I am developing.

I am posting the photos of the work that I took during the last few weeks, to show how the painting developed.

I started with an acrylic under painting to lay out the composition.

I have always used a brown under painting, but this time I went further and painted in a turquoise also in acrylic.

The painting is approximately 3 x 4ft on canvas.

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