Friday, November 2, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

After messing up my back last August, I had been unable to paint. I finally decided to seek help for the back, but not until after dragging myself to Burning Man. Obviously this was not my smartest move, but who can resist partaking in the delights if the Playa and seeing the man burn?

It appears that I have arthritis in the back bones (surely I am too young?!) and 3 herniated discs. I have stubbornly refused surgery and have so far had a month of physical therapy 3 times a week to straighten a twisted pelvis and strengthen my muscles. What a wreck!

Anyway, tonight I was invited to what I know is to be an epic party for "Dias De Los Muertos". I was excited to go out after a very unsociable time healing...

However, my husband is resting in the bed that is crammed behind the canvas storage and my kids are sat in front of a movie in the studio parlor. I am guiltily enjoying mixing paints and smelling the wonderful scents of the oil paint glaze I have mixed for my latest creation.

Earlier in the week I finished varnishing the carpet bag painting and applied a couple of gesso layers to a new canvas.

This evening I am indulging in a night in at the studio. I have a new commission that is taking me out of my current thread of work. It is a painting based on the Horsehead Nebula.

I have mixed a base glaze to my favorite proportions (sorry secret recipe!) and added equal parts Ultramarine and Pythalo Blue to create the under painting.

I had a little Absinthe for company and have enjoyed the smells and texture of the paint as it moved on the canvas. I also enjoyed bouncing on the exercise ball I was using to support myself while I painted!