Monday, January 7, 2013

Back at the Bat cave.

Travels are over so no more napkin art on airplanes today.
I am also SO over that "Day whatever" thing. There is a date stamp on the post, so that will do for me, as I am no calendar-following-deadline-loving-blah-blah-watsit lady...
I know that I can't produce a new image EVERY day, some of my paintings take weeks. Sometimes I may work all day and want to scrap the work; certainly not putting it out there for others to see! The best that I can do is offer something when I can and not get stuck in some "make-an-image-a-day-or-be-a-failure" crap.

So now that pressure is over here is a little something from the studio:

The lighting in Chihuly's Seattle exhibition was pretty fantastic. There were also some interesting videos on Chihuly's life and working practices. He seems quite a character.

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