Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pop Art Photoshop Tutorial

I am no expert when it comes to Photoshop, so I make the most of Youtube for any tips. I can make Pop Art style prints without too much difficulty with screenprinting, but I was not sure I could so easily make it on Photoshop!

Here is a handy tutorial from a guy with a cute Welsh accent from I tried out the tutorial and you can find my results below.

These pictures are of a diving mask and are split to make the Pop Art style.

This is from a crappy cell phone shot of myself that I took just now to try out. You may of course, have mistaken me for Elizabeth Taylor (cough, cough)...

I think I could have posterized the photos first to make the image flatter, but I wanted to see what the tones would do.


  1. Did you make any other alterations to the image after following the video?

  2. After completing the set of four portraits, I did lower the contrast and raise brightness to show a little more of the face.

    Thanks for your question.

  3. Can you use this for screenprinting once you print it out?

  4. Actually you can. Before printing, you need to separate the colours using the CMYK mode. Then print each colour layer out in black and white onto transparent film. That can then be used on your silkscreen photoemulsion exposure. I hope this helps :)