Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Day 2 (do I even have to write the day? I am so going to get muddled in double numbers!)
Well here we go, I made something sea like in an abstract manner (watercolour and digital- Tradigital painting) and I'm proud of following up for a second day running:

My paintings are currently underwater themed inspired not from a snorkeling trip, but from visiting the Dale Chihuly Museum in Seattle last summer! This is not the first time that I have made work with an underwater theme, but it is the first for at least 15 years. In the past I had an Atlantis collection which spanned printmaking, painting and ceramic sculpture.

Seeing the Chihuly exhibition combined with a trip to Alaska that was filled with whale watching and Northern Lights, I started formulating mental images and colors for new experiments. The images are based less on nature's own subtle ocean colors and more on the colors found in glass such as Chihuly's and the incredible Aurora Borealis that I witnessed for the first time this July.

I think that by manipulating watercolour painting digitally, I may get that colour intensity that I am looking for. I am hoping to label myself a "Tradigital" artist for this work. Tradigital painting is where a digital image is produced from a traditional art source such as watercolour or oils, then manipulated on photoshop or other programmes to become a new original image. I am not really sure what will appear until the brush is out, but it will be fun to find out.


  1. Incredible displays of Imagery and Color!
    I think if you can reproduce this color intensity thru digital manipulation... combined with your use of Collorgraph Overlay and the use of Water Ripples or Fractural Patterns, the result will be nothing less than Spectacular!!

  2. Thank you for having read forward about my intentions to collograph. I am not sure if this will work out or not, but it is certainly worth experimenting with. As I said, that will probably be later in the year. Thank you for your comments:-)