Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Beacon Hill Peacock

I have had an acrylic painting kicking around the studio since last summer. It was not good enough to put up for sale, but I liked some aspects too much to throw out.
The image was that of a peacock that we had chase us one windy and rainy evening in Victoria, Canada. The peacock was in a park called Beacon Hill Park and we had decided to take a walk through the park and have a little picnic. Before we finished eating, the heavens opened and we raced under a large cedar to shelter. We foolishly started throwing a few crumbs out to the peacocks that had joined us under the shelter, not realizing that they were practically killer birds. I swear that the ham sandwich just enraged their thirst for our blood. Thankfully, we made it out of the park with most of our children and only minor blood shed.
I added a faint barometer to the image with the French words for wind/rain and soften the image as one might see an image slightly blured through looking through rain. I just added this image on Fine Art America to see if I can figure out how their site works.



  1. I love this picture, Carole-Ann!

  2. Thank you Cindy, I might be hanging this in Wildflower Gallery in May, so you will be able to go see it there in the flesh!