Monday, April 29, 2013

Day in Carson

I drove down to Carson City today on the new road connecting Reno to the capital city. It is only about an hour from my house, yet the landscape quickly changes from city to countryside. I still find the mountains breathlessly spectacular and the sheer hugeness of the valley is incredible.

In Carson, I dropped in on Galen Brown, an artist of many talents. He has one of these incredibly creative minds that can build something from nothing and make crap become an item of beauty. Anyway, Galen had some sheets of museum grade plexiglass used for framing for me to use for drypoint etchings. He cut the sheets into small pieces of around 8 x 12 inches. I then left him to get ready for his upcoming Open Studio tour over at Hunter Point in San Francisco.

While in town, I drove over to meet another artist printmaker called Carol Brown. Carol specializes in Japanese Moku Hanga prints and is currently getting ready for a show in the Fall. I was excited to see her progress on her woodcut blocks as she is my wood carving mentor. Carol has studied under Japanese masters in Japan, as well as many experts in the field here in America. We had lunch and looked over her blocks until it was time for me to leave and pick up the kids from school.

The road to reno

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