Monday, October 7, 2013

DeMeng Workshop

We made crazy vehicles in Michael DeMeng's workshop. Here are a selection of some of the works in progress:

Here we had a critique with Michael discussing everyone's progress.

I loved this steampunked up critter!

This is the cool studio by the harbor that we worked in for four days, pretty cool view!

Later in the day we had a project with Tracy and Teesha Moore with a bunch of artists from different workshops.


  1. Loved your work, your costumes and your spirit!! And thank you for the Tree of Life print. Hope to see you again next year!

  2. Thank you Lisa, I hope that you enjoy the print. I always love putting on a costume, maybe next year you might fancy doing the same???

    1. There's a challenge I'd never considered! I'll see what I can conjure up. I'm sure you have something swell planned for Halloween!