Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Changes on the horizon

I have had an offer to join the Printmaker's Conspiracy, a local group of printmakers. I am excited about this and the opportunities to exhibit within a supportive art group.

Working as a painter has always meant an element of isolation for me. While this is good from a - lack of distraction - point of view, it can be tough to get perspective without feedback. Printmaking is proving to be a more social setting and I find that I am pushed more to complete a task before the next gathering around the press.

I am considering renting a studio in a communal art space in town. This will increase my overheads, but will provide a group environment to work in and a gallery to show my work Downtown. Tough call financially in this climate and I need to give it some hard thought, but I think this could be a positive step in the long haul.

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