Monday, March 29, 2010

Hi Thessaloniki

I love that revolver Map!

I keep seeing visits from Thessaloniki, Greece (3000+ now)and I am dying to know who it is.

I remember flying into Thessalonika maybe 14 or 15 years ago. While I was there I travelled around seeing the sites, but I can't remember the exact village I was staying in. I will have to check out a map to see if anything rings a bell. I know it was a small village on the sea that had the best ever chicken dinner in one of the local seafront tavernas.

I remember visting Pella, just after they had started excavating some mosaics. I think I was told that this was the birthplace of Philip and Alexander the Great. The mosaic floors were incredible, there was one of a lion hunt that had the most amazing details. I also visited Philip's tomb, which was large and underground I think. Funny how memories fade and join with dreams. I was a little unsound at the time and had a series of dreams about that tomb...

but anyway, thanks for visiting Thessaloniki

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