Thursday, August 26, 2010

Art School

After leaving my graphic design job, I was lucky enough to get my portfolio accepted into the Visual Arts undergraduate course in Pittville Art School. Pittville is an awesomely cool campus at the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham, UK.

It was a childhood dream to go, not only to art school and paint, but to go to this actual college. I have memories of driving past the college as an elementary school student, thinking how lucky the students were to be able to paint ALL day! The miseries of math were far behind them and that alone sounded appealing.

I loved practically every minute of my time at Pittville, it was like everything had finally clicked into place for me. Well almost everything, I was a mess in the print room but somehow managed to scramble at the end of each semester to pull it all together. Ceramics seemed too easy at times, I should have found more ways to challenge myself, but painting and printmaking gave me the stimulation I was looking for and it was good to coast for part of the time. I made it a habit to work on paintings in the morning and ceramics after liquid lunches at the college bar LOL.

I could write pages of my experiences at Pittville and the things I came away with, but it is so big that I would not know where to start and would not know where to end. I will just say that I have never experienced anything that felt so right for me, nor having had a feeling of complete belonging, as when I studied as an undergraduate there. I am just so incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to have studied at Pittville.

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