Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Already?

Today we had a Wildflower Nada Dada meeting to talk about rooms, rules, publicity and suchlike. There were lots of new and old faces and by the variety alone, I can see WND will be a huge success.

Before and after the meeting I did a little painting and printmaking.

This morning, I painted a few cog like doodles in white over the canvas to help add pattern and texture. I used white for contrast, but this will be glazed in layers to blend out in a more subtle manner.

In the evening after the meeting, I came back and printed.

This tiny relief print was dry enough to add an additional 4th layer of color. I masked off a hand carved section of a matrix and printed it in a similar color to the timer.

This is the mask and carving.

In this photo, I am hand rubbing (with very sparkly nails!) the carved matrix with a small wooden spoon to get all the details.

Here is the print so far with the carving added.

Hand carving and printing is a slow process. I finally finished at around 12.30 Saturday night/Sunday morning. I estimate that it will take 2 to 3 days to be dry enough to print the next color layer.

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