Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Moth painting

After selling some paintings at Nada, I need to fill in the gaps and also expand on the body of work for my paintings exhibition in August.

I started this new moth painting last week.

I worked out the composition and started laying it down as an underpainting in ultramarine and sienna.

This last photo shows my progress after a few days. I am felling that there may be a missing element, but I will reassess after laying down more color.

Tomorrow I will be helping to hang another show. This show is the Printmaker's Conspiracy Summer Show for Artown. Artown is a month long series of art events, performances and exhibitions that take place all over the city of Reno.

NadaDada 2012

NadaDada finally arrived and it was time to hang the show. I was interested to see what kind of feedback I would get from visitors and other artists. Here is my exhibition:

I had a small table so that I could carve or paint while I was there.

I sold most of the prints in the racks which helped cover the exhibition costs.

The peacock painting seemed surprisingly popular!

I built a little glowing Absinthe shrine to be reminiscent of French shop windows. I did a small performance as an Absinthe server at the closing show, dressed in a fun costume with a peacock top hat ;-)

The whole NadaDada show was both exciting and tiring in equal measures. I grew from this show in many ways and mixing with other artists helped to stimulate and inspire me for the future. This was my third Nada show and this time I left feeling like a seasoned Dadist artist, I can't wait until next year!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Signing editions

Last Friday I hung some of my art in a group show at Wilderness Gallery in Reno. This reminded me that I have to have my prints signed editioned and framed in the next week. Eeeek! So I am spending the next couple of days tearing down, signing and matting; not my favorite part of the process...

Friday, June 1, 2012

Moth painting part 3

Switching the paint to a more traditional oil painting, I can now give the painting depth.

At this point, I went away for a few days and the painting had some time to dry. I prefer a week between colors, but time pressures are building up so I waited only 4 days.

I am referring back to a moth photo to help with making details.

Now I am working glazes into the painting to give allover color and softness.

The final glaze is a yellow.

The painting is almost finished and I will just need to add some highlights and lowlights.

Moth painting part 2

Continuing with the under painting, I added more elements to the composition.

With the moth shape in, I only have a few more elements left to add to the composition

Now I am going to switch to oil paint to provide the depth and detain I need.

Moth painting part 1

The last 3 weeks (gosh, am I that slow?!) I have been working on a Nada Dada Moth. I have been cogitating over what I believe Nadist Art is over the last few months. I feel I hit my personal Nada style with the tradigital paintings I made last month, so I started work on making a canvas in this style incorporating a moth and other imagery that I feel are tied to this style I am developing.

I am posting the photos of the work that I took during the last few weeks, to show how the painting developed.

I started with an acrylic under painting to lay out the composition.

I have always used a brown under painting, but this time I went further and painted in a turquoise also in acrylic.

The painting is approximately 3 x 4ft on canvas.