Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NadaDada 2012

NadaDada finally arrived and it was time to hang the show. I was interested to see what kind of feedback I would get from visitors and other artists. Here is my exhibition:

I had a small table so that I could carve or paint while I was there.

I sold most of the prints in the racks which helped cover the exhibition costs.

The peacock painting seemed surprisingly popular!

I built a little glowing Absinthe shrine to be reminiscent of French shop windows. I did a small performance as an Absinthe server at the closing show, dressed in a fun costume with a peacock top hat ;-)

The whole NadaDada show was both exciting and tiring in equal measures. I grew from this show in many ways and mixing with other artists helped to stimulate and inspire me for the future. This was my third Nada show and this time I left feeling like a seasoned Dadist artist, I can't wait until next year!

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