Monday, May 13, 2013

High Desert Steam's Annual Steampunk Exposition

Yesterday was our local Steampunk group's annual exposition. High Desert Steam, has an active group with many events throughout the year. Many of the Sacramento Steamer's were visiting or vending too.
Our family dressed up and joined in the festivities, snatching up bargains and the youngest won a raffle prize. Lots of fun for the whole family.

Our family were dressed as airship pirates, this is me with my youngest daughter Olivia.

This art car, called the Nautilus after the Jules Verne fictional submarine, was at Burning Man last year and in our Sparks Steampunk Christmas Parade. High Desert Steam won first place!

Inside the Nautilus

Mary Crawley, did a "riveting" undress, which I could not possibly photograph.

Here are some of the other local Steampunks, including Willie Puchard, who is a major force in High Desert Steam's event organization. Below are numerous attendees.

Monique below, is wearing an outfit from her local store "The Melting Pot"

The Exposition included a novel fashion show along a Victorian railroad station, complete with train.

We walked the catwalk at a leisurely stroll, while our kids, plus Dante (a local martial arts star) did a demonstration of the mixed martial arts form known as Bartitsu. This martial arts became famous by mention in both the original books and movies of Sherlock Holmes.

The kids were quite magnificent!

Below are Captain Wormwood (my husband), myself and Nila Northsun, all wearing our favorite hats custom created by Killbuck of Kostoom Arts.

Photos by Joaquin Rafael Roces, Tammy Islander and Doctor Morbius. I would love the names of the other participants in the photos, so please comment if you have info, Thanks.

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