Thursday, September 5, 2013

Art for Burning Man 2013

Well, it has been a busy, busy Summer, but now the kids are back in school, my daughter recovered from her emergency surgery (don't even ask!) and my adventures in Europe (I am SO going to have to post some of those) are over. In theory, I am able to resume my posts. Of course, I can't think what to start with...

Let's go with the most recent adventure, Burning Man. My original group project choice never got the funding needed to get the art on the Playa. Late Summer after I had returned from Europe, I heard about a project that was still in need of a few artists and I signed up. The project is called The Life Cube and had an earlier version on the Playa in a previous burn.

Scott Cohen, better known in Burning circles as Skeeter, founded the project and with a team of other artists the cube began to take shape. I will add a second post with the project video when I have found it later :-)

The Life Cube was partial constructed before taking it to Black Rock in an art facility in Sparks, Nevada called The Generator. As described in the video, the cube had tapestry walls that had the work of many artists from around the world, with an inspirational message. Here is my panel being constructed:

Step One - The canvas is cut!

The canvas is stretched onto a wall and three coats of gesso applied.

I used the spirit of the "Hope" poster, as a play on inspirational propaganda

The layers of paint were built up until I got the look that I wanted.

Once finished, the panel was gathered with other cube supplies and panels, as the
hard construction started.

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