Tuesday, May 18, 2010

10 Days until Oxbow Press Opens!

The race is on to get everything finished in time for Oxbow Press' big opening. The clock is ticking to get everything complete and hopefully we will have a good looking print workshop to show our guests and new members.

We put the walls up in my studio space and I have been priming them today. I had the help (is that the right word?) of my kids and hubby in the wall construction and so far they are still standing!

The door painting is now finished (yes, it IS supposed to look " aged and rugged"), and just awaiting the logo.

I have to find some more prints to frame for the opening and hand-tint them. I would also like to find some paintings to hang, but I am not sure I have anything I can find in time.

On the home front, I have two birthday parties to arrange for my daughters, the first is coming up on Saturday. Timing is tricky as another daughter has two birthday sleepovers in succession this weekend and yet another daughter has another birthday sleepover the night before. I wish my social life was half as interesting as theirs!

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