Friday, March 23, 2012

Boots Makeover

I had a great printmaking session in the studio today. I just finished cleaning up and see it is 13 hours since I started! Phew, I need a sit down!!

Things were going well and inspiration was flowing. At one point I decided the boots I arrived in needed to be printed too. As my phone ran out of battery, I don't have photos of everything I printed today. I do have my boots here:

I thought the pattern was suitably subtle!

I printed a series of small (tiny!) backgrounds in similar tones to the painted canvas tones. I also worked on some decorative carving in lino for printing.

After this I moved on to add a second colour to some rose prints.

It was still quite warm in the evening, so I took a quick walk to take a break.

I finished up with adding some background patterns in relief, over a few screenprinted monotypes:

More to add on these later.

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