Friday, January 18, 2013

Time and Tide.

I love having Roman numerals and random numbers embedded into my compositions, a left over passion of mine for Dada. I am always trying to weave a meaning into my work, although I don't wish to control the image so far as to lose the aesthetic to the tale. Unlike the randomness of some of my numerals, here the use of an actual clock face has been more deliberate. Our time on earth is finite and our lives are bound by timeframes of all sizes and of schedules of complete controlling conciousness. I am toying with the idea of water being the world of dreams and the subconsious, flowing, reflective and yet infinite. So basically speaking, I am thinking about the transition between the concious to the subconcious in this image and using realism and abstraction to emphasize this in visual terms.
Perhaps I can leave you to come up with your own theory on the sea horse...

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