Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Eggs Benedict

A flood of rumors are spreading as to the real reason for Pope Benedict XVI’s abrupt decision to resign at the end of the month. Interestingly, the majority of the Italian media almost ignored the sex abuse scandals pointing to a growing Vatican crisis, made unbearable by rumors of allegedly illicit dealings of the Vatican IOR bank, bitter rivalries between groups of cardinals and an unprecedented campaign of leaked documents.

Where does this leave the Catholic Church I wonder? If resignation is an option for the pope, will followers pass on ceremonies and tasks previously seen as "must do's".

Today is also "Pancake Day". For many Catholics this is a precursor to "Ash Wednesday". For me, I just love the British tradition of making, flipping, racing and sometimes even eating pancakes. Due to my typically busy "personal chauffeur" role to my three kids, I was unable to make pancakes myself. I did manage to get the family ensconced into a booth at IHOP.

I found it interesting that we were the only diners on "Pancake Day"; is this the first sign of a crack in the foundation of the Vatican? As I am not of that faith, I decided to pass on the pondering and dig into my rather yummy pancakes.

A Question of Faith.
I suppose I could go on to discuss the composition, symbolism of the suggested upturned cross and nostalgia elements in the choices of colour and finishing techniques, but then my pancakes might get cold.

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