Saturday, February 16, 2013


After writing my blog last night, I had one of those silly cravings to go on a spontaneous trip. We had plans to go to a Sacramento Steam Faire day trip on Saturday, so the decision was made to go early and stay overnight. We threw some things in a case and headed to Sacramento.

I never get travel sick, yet that journey over the mountain made me quite queasy! Very unusual, but perhaps it was the wine at dinner. Lucky for me I had a chauffeur!

We got a room by the river and lucked out with a complimentary upgrade overlooking Tower Bridge.

In the morning, I made a quick (and rather bad) sketch of the view from the bed with a ballpoint pen, then made my way to a large omelette du fromage for breakfast dressed in Steampunk gear.

After a glass of guava juice was spilled down my front (thanks youngest daughter of mine), I grabbed a second shower and change of clothes then made my way to the Riverside Promenade with the family for a walk.

In my haste, I totally forgot my camera and ended up using the phone to take snaps.

I loved this bridge, I think it might make a great painting (interesting thought for someone who has not painted a landscape in years).

We walked on to Old Sacramento (in full and partial costume) and enjoyed looking around the stores and walking along the board walks.

My hubby left his top hat so as to not seem overdressed @_@

My daughter has converse boots to die for!

We had a coffee at Steamer's dressed in our Steampunk gear....

Walked past another bridge...

And took a nag around the old town in a carriage.

After lunch, we drive to the Steampunk Faire and shopped for goodies. The kids somehow managed to get wonderful gifts from generous Steampunk vendor friends of ours and conned their dad to pay for other items around the Expo.

I only took one photo as my hands were soon full with treasures. After saying farewell to friends (and somehow buying a mangle), we headed off to Napa Valley.

We warmed up by a wonderful smelling fire and supped wine until dusk whilst talking up our finds of the day.


  1. What an Extraordinary day!!
    Thanks for sharing your special moments with us... I was thrilled to have been a part of it! :-)

  2. It was so special to share it with you Britney!