Thursday, February 7, 2013

In Thirst of Water... and Tea

I have been using ripples of water in a few paintings and prints lately. It is difficult to keep them looking realistic, so I took myself off in search of flowing water.

I headed down the road to the Truckee River today as a snow storm is heading this way tomorrow and snapped a few shots and scribbled in my sketch pad.

The shadows of the trees and branches were both interesting and a distraction!

Eventually I made it down to the banks of the river and took a few shots of the surface of the river and the way it moved and flowed around the rocks.

I paid most attention to a downward view and how the light made patterns on the river bed. I faced toward the sun:

And away from the sun:

By this time, I was positively frozen! Looking up at the mountain, I could see the clouds forming that are to bring our storm and made the decision that it was time for tea (gosh I am so predictably English)!

I headed back to the railroad tracks and snapped the sign that I always find so cool.
Then took another in the opposite direction for good measure.

Then bought myself a rather unsatisfactory pot of tea (English Breakfast that looked more like Earl Grey) flavour wise, but hot and steaming to warm me up a treat.

As fingers warmed up, I doodled a little in my sketchbook and scribbled a few thoughts for upcoming image ideas. Always something of a cliche; but coffee shops and creative thoughts really do go well together :-)

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  1. How facinating to see into the mind of the artist and where she finds inspiration.