Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 2

The weather was fantastic on Day 2, so i packed up some watercolours and headed to the nearby cemetery. There were some really interesting stones and iron railings. I had never seen wooden railings around graves before, so I sketched these spindles for a while and admired the worn grain.

Walking to this stone angel, I heard a rattlesnake give a warning sound. After that I stuck to the wide paths!
The views were amazing, I can see why the early miners chose this as their resting place. The silence was a peaceful one, not a creepy dark one, like so many graveyards back in England. There were swooping magpies following me looking for crumbs from my tuna sandwich. I decided to make a sketch of one as a plan for an etching, but once I got to the press, I switched the magpie out for a crow.
I also made some monotypes of this old barn that is within view of the retreat center.

Photos of me printing (in the morgue) by Frances Melhop

This was the first pull off the drypoint plate.

By midnight, the inking station was getting a bit messy...oops.

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