Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 4

Day 4 was the last day of the retreat. I did not get very much sleep as I had been both late to bed and also laying in bed practically crapping my pajamas over a painting and lamp falling, at about 3.30. I had been warned that my room had a ghost that was a late night partier or something. Anyway, ghost or not, I was NOT feeling brave enough to close my eyes.
I was up early and cut myself a little plate and filed it ready for printing. I decided to do a small image that would ink up quickly to make the most of the short time.
I had found an old photo of the town back in it's silver rush of the 19th Century. I scribed a quick reversal image rendition onto the plate and added a balloon. After the plate was finished and paper torn for printing, I went to the sad task of packing up my things and loading up the car. Once the room was clean, breakfast eaten, I set about the task of printing the balloon.

I managed a decent amount of prints before sadly packing up and going home.

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