Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Retreat Preparation

As usual, I left things until the last minute again. I'm off to a retreat tomorrow, hopefully to print and paint without distractions (other than a St. Patrick's Day Parade with some local Steampunks). I am throwing clothes into the washing machine and trying to find a pair of pajamas that do not have Mickey Mouse all over them.

It feels so weird to be going away without my three kids and leaving the hubby behind. When I told the kids, they were completely shocked. It is their father that travels for work, never me. I have not even been away from them before this, so it is a shock to me as much as them I think. It's amazing how being a mum can easily take your independence away, even for someone that used to disappear regularly when the sun hit from the right direction.

I was going to raid the fridge to see what could come with me, but figured Pot Noodles would be fine and save me the hassle of cooking. I will pack a bottle of Absinthe to help dilute the sodium in the noodles, plus it is green and I was always told to have something green in every meal for good digestion. Excellent, food is done!

I made a bit of a head start on an etching for a swan. I know much of the first day will be setting up the printing station, so having at least part of an image will help with press settings. I will also pack a couple of troublesome paintings that I have not had the time to figure out. I'm wondering if I can find room for watercolour, oils and acrylics when I already have a bunch of printmaking supplies. Oh well, I can always use the car as a locker.

I wonder if I can fit all my clothes into a carry-on sized bag? My top hat (I'm thinking of the parade here) would probably take up the whole bag on it's own, how little costume I can get away with, hmm. Tricky stuff this packing lark.

I am going to disconnect for the retreat, so no more posts for a few days. I will try my best to come back!

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