Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Colourful Bubbly Texture

I am not certain what this image is exactly, other than colourful and bubbly, but I like it!

I put this together by mixing a fractal image that I created on Photoshop, with a close-up textural photo of the counter in Coral Reef Restaurant in Epcot (I bet you guess that, huh?).

The pond is filling (relatively) fast. Here is the pond early this morning. It was brimming and teetering on the edge for what seemed forever.

An hour or so later it burst through to my yippies and yahoos. Big moment guys!!

Throughout the rest of the day, the water made it's way down to the lower side of the pond and began wrapping its way around the island.

By late afternoon it reached the pump to the fountain (which we hope is fixed after the squirrels munched on the wires earlier this month).

By evening, we all had allergies sufficiently bad to push us into the studio for shelter.

I just took a couple more sneaky peaks to see how it was coming along.

My last look showed the first reflection of the full moon this year in the pond. Happy times! Now where is the Zyrtec?

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